Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Collars and colours

Mum said it was time you saw some more pictures of me, so here are some kitten ones. This was me playing with a feather. Ah, I remember that name tag. I managed to lose my collar first, and then just the tag, and in the end Mum and Dad gave up and let me have just a collar with no dangly bits, which is much more sophisticated. Sophie's collar is plastered with dangly objects, which makes me laugh: as though her humans want her back if she's lost (ha!) and want her to be able to get through her stupid cat-flap.

Which reminds me: That Cat was sitting on My Bench the other day, and when I popped up, she thought I was Squeaky Ninja, just because I'm mostly black. Hel-lo! I am also half his size, female and the posessor of some very attractive white markings. How dumb can you get? Still, it was a nasty moment, as Sophie was higher up than me, arching her back and doing the tail business. Now, I have a long, slim, sleek, black tail which helps me balance in the trees; Sophie's tail is short, fat and stubby (not to mention ridiculously marked in a pattern which I reckon says, "I'm stupid," on one side and,"Hate me," on the other) - and when fully inflated it's about three feet wide. You get the picture? And what am I doing? Just strolling through my own garden, to be faced by that monstrosity, hissing and miaowing and making a racket at me. Mum talked Sophie out of it and Sofe realised it was me and looked very shame-faced. As she should.

Style note for kittens: make sure your humans buy you collars which match your colouring. Mine once experimented with purple, but they immediately realised what a blunder they'd made, and I'm pleased to say that ever since then, they've stuck to black. Plain black, black with white dots, black with metallic bits: all fine. Purple: a definite no-no. If in doubt, scan yourself and email me for a swatch of acceptable colours. Price £5, Paypal accepted. (Note from Mum: This is a joke. Do not scan kittens, do not send money, do not email, etc, etc)

Daisy: nemesis of feathers, indoors and out.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Tip: What to do when there's a thunderstorm or 3

Hide under the bed.

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