Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Intruder Alert!

There's a MAN in my house. A strange man, running about, doing things*. I don't like it. I hid, then I howled, so Mum let me out. I've been in the garden ever since. It's cold. I think it's alright to go back in now, cos Mum keeps trying to get me in, but every time she does it I ask for Iams instead and I get some, so why should I risk it?

* He was a plumber.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Tips on Playing and Sleeping

Those of you who were paying attention last time will remember I told you about the importance of improvising play indoors, especially during the winter months. Well, here is the throw I told you about, and here, too, is my favourite toy, The Fringe. If you haven't got one, send your human out to buy you a yard of it immediately. It's a versatile toy which can be fwipped around the room by your human, allowing you to hunt, jump, chase, etc, etc: with a Fringe, the world is your oyster.

I used to star in a few videos on YouTube, as 'cat in a frenzy' when The Fringe was combined with My Throw. I may reappear there; I shall keep you apprised of the situation.

This picture also illustrates another of my qualities: possessiveness. The Fringe is MINE. And this leads on to...

... the story of My New Throw, My New Bed and My New Sofa. All I did was decide I didn't want that sofa any more, I wanted this one, and then walk on the throw with muddy feet, and hey presto! After a bit of argy-bargy with my humans, not only was the throw changed but this fantastic bed appeared. Now, there've been beds like it from time to time, only they come and go and they have sleeves attached and when I snuggle down for a good snooze, then instead of admiring me, Mum picks me off them, which is most annoying. She's finally got me one without sleeves, and it seems to be all mine. I like it very much. So much that I let her take some pictures of me with a real camera. Give and take, kittens, give and take. Just make sure you've got what you want first.

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