Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The reason for my absence

Stay healthy by eating grass, kitties!

I know you've missed me, because I've had so many enquiries from cats all round the country. I haven't been ignoring you, dears: the problem is that Mum has been unwell. I know, I know, I can hear your cries of concern. "Have you been getting enough to eat, Daisy?", will be the first thing to spring to your minds - as it was to mine. But I can assure you that Mum has taken excellent care of me. She offered to get someone else to type up my thoughts for you all, but I said to her, "No, you're the only one I want, and you come first. They will just have to wait - although now I come to think about it, actually you come second, so how's about a spot of something to eat?".

Happily she is well again and typing for me just like before. In the meantime I have been getting on with important things like testing new types of food, watching for mousie, avoiding Squeaky and getting rather nervous about large creatures that come out at night onto MY patio. Mum says they must be related to me as she can see a family resemblance (bulky but cute, black and white stripy faces, fond of their grub), but I don't agree. What ARE they?

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