Monday, November 16, 2009

The Purina One Challenge

Mum just opened me a new bag of my all-time favourite, Purina One (aka chocolate for cats), and while I was munching away, she said to me, "Hey Daisy, there's a competition on here! You only have to eat Purina One for a month and you can win £1,000!". "Mmfff," I replied, 'cos I was a bit busy at that moment. Anyway, things are a little quieter now: I'm in my box in the workroom and Mum's on the computer, so I asked her to have a look at their website.

You have to feed your cat Purina One, and in return they send you money-off vouchers (good) and you can win stuff like something to put your Purina One in (guys, it's in its own resealable bag, and it doesn't last that long! Not in my house) and a measuring cup (I know how much I need).

What were the other prizes? "Oy Mum, just google it again, will you?". Holy mackerel, they make it for dogs as well! What a waste! "Yeah, click on Bumfluff's grubbier brother and let's get to the prizes."

Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! A year's supply of Purina One! That's the prize I want! Although it does say it's the recomended amount for an average cat. For one thing, I wouldn't let anyone call me average, and for another, I know how much I need (more, more, more).

There's something about a spa holiday but I don't like baths, so who cares? Oh, and then there's the £1,000. I could buy a lot of Golitaire with that.

"Mum! Are we doing this competition, or what?"

Huh. She wants to know if I could BE any happier, or my fur any shinier. Good point. But there's all that free food, just waiting. And it could be mine. Hmm, I'll have to think of a way to outwit her. I'll sleep on it.

My Charity Work This Christmas

Buy them at Cats Protection!

Like any superstar worthy of the title, I do my bit for charity. This year as last, I've commissioned Mum to make catnip bags for our local Cats Protection to sell for funds, and as you can see from the picture, she's excelled herself. I helped, of course: I had the first one off the sewing machine and I roadtested it vigorously until it was soggy and green - you know what I mean, kitties? So I can tell you that they're excellent, just the right size, attractive fabrics, good quality 'nip, the real deal. So if you see one, buy one and you'll be helping cats who are less fortunate than you.

Last year we also sent some to family and friends - and Sophie. Yes, the spirit of Christmas gets through even to me, and I don't like Christmas. So you lot have no excuse: open up your purses for Cats Protection. I won't tell you again.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My New School Photos

Well, you know what I mean. Mum and I had a photo session in the garden, and I think she captured me rather well. Of course, I hate having my picture taken, so I let her know when I'd had enough.

She got the message. (If you can't, click on the picture and gaze deep into my eyes. Frightening, isn't it?)

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