Thursday, November 29, 2007

What you've all been waiting for!

i.e. pictures of ME. Mum has a new sort of camera which I didn't recognise, and that's how she got this close without my noticing that anything was going on. What is this thing? It looks more like a bar of chocolate (I see a lot of those round here). Anyway, my dears, you are reaping the benefit as here are some glimpses of my life.

Here I am at the patio doors, asking politely to be let in. You can see Mum wasn't very good, or maybe she was a bit excited at having her lovely cat back after an extended mouse-hunt in the woods. But she got better at it.

Here I am, snoozing peacefully on my throw.
Now that winter's here, the throw doubles up as a toy: it can be pounced on, chewed, fought, hidden underneath, etc, etc. Invent, kittens, innovate, be creative! You'll have more fun that way, and your humans will love you for it.

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