Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Winter Mousing

There's a mouse living in the shrub border which was driving me wild: I could hear it but I couldn't catch it. Then one day it popped out and ate the bird food Mum had put out! Unfortunately I was in the house at the time, or that mouse would've been toast.

Monday, January 21, 2008

From My Postbag: A Writer's Secrets

Daisy, can you tell us how you write this marvellous blog, which is a boon to all felinekind? You are my heroine, please may I have your autograph? Thank you. Stripey, Somerset

Well, Stripey, it's so gratifying to get some feline appreciation at last. Of course, I have plenty of the human sort: every day people tell me how pretty, cute, good, perfect etc, etc, I am, until I have to say, "Stop! Please, stop!". It's not modesty, it just gets boring after a while and I have better things to do, like sleep or eat.

So although I don't like to give away too many secrets, I can tell you that when it comes to writing my blog I generally use a secretary to type it in at my dictation (viz Mum). Sure, I've taken a look at the laptop, strolled across the keyboard a few times - you all know how it is. But I decided it wasn't really for me: I'm happiest lying back on the floor or in a box, telling Mum what to type in. I find that works best for me.

Of course, I make notes just as any good writer does, and for this there's nothing better than my own range of notebooks, the Mouseskine collection. I believe humans have something similar. Mine come in the following rather fetching colours: Mouseback Brown, Underbelly White, Blood Red and - new for this season! - the funky urban cool of Intestine Pink and Gallbladder Green. Buy them now, Paypal accepted.

Daisy, I warned you about that!

OK, OK, it's a joke, alright? (Psssst, anyone who wants one - see me later in the usual place in the woods, yeah? Have your credit cards ready.)

I hope this answers your questions, Stripey. As to autographs, I don't do them - too much like hard work. I'll get Mum to send you a photo, though.

Keep the questions rolling in, kitties!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Vote for Me!

Mum has entered me in a competition for funny cat photos. Please look here and vote for me.


You will have my undying affection (until someone walks by with a bowl of food, then they get it).

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