Monday, October 26, 2009

Bumfluff Triumphs Again!

You remember the saga of the Purina cat and its fine range of yumminess in tiny holographic pots? Well, this morning I was pausing on the patio waiting for breakfast to appear, expecting just the usual Whiskas (and no less welcome for that) - when what should arrive but ol' Bumfluff's 'Tuna Flakes with Shrimp in Jelly'! My goodness!

I yummed it down, all of it, although being a 'senior' cat these days my appetite is smaller and I had to stand on tiptoes to finish it, if you know what I mean. I wasn't leaving any of it in the bowl, oh no!

I should've had Gourmet Solitaire regularly, of course, if my humans cared about me at all. The last time I had it was probably Christmas, when Mum got a bit tipsy and referred to it as 'Sorbet Golly-tear', embarrassing everyone within earshot but most of all herself. As usual.

Anyway, months ago I found another of Bumfluff's adverts offering free food to deserving cats, and I stuck it under Mum's nose, but nothing happened. She had some cock-and-bull story about the Post Office burning down
it's true!
and her other Post Office being closed forever - after it, too, burnt down.
also true!
I mean, if she can't be bothered to do this one little thing to make me happy - well, we all know where we stand, don't we, and all I can say is I'm glad I found out in time before I made a major commitment to this family, LIKE GIVING THEM THE BEST 13 YEARS OF MY LIFE.

No, I'm afraid there was a little coolness between us after that - until this morning, when the scrumptiousness appeared. And I happen to know there are 2 more tins in the cupboard, so I will say no more.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Back Again!

Yes, I'm back!

Life is unpredictable, isn't it? Yesterday got off to a fun-packed start with back rubs, play and catnip, then rabbit Whiskas at 8am, followed by a run in the garden, a spot of mousing (and mouse-eating) and then elevenses - and it was still only half past ten!

Of course that was so exhausting that I was soon tucked up on the duvet, snoring through the afternoon...

By contrast, today it's raining and so after breakfasting in the kitchen (tuna imperial!) instead of al fresco, it was back to the sofa for a long zzzz till lunchtime - which was Brunswick ham served in bed. I know, I know, but they love me, so I let them do it.

Now I'm off to the garden, to see how it looks in the rain.

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