Wednesday, April 05, 2006

On the Farm

I had lots of brothers and sisters on the farm: five who smelt like me and two others my Mum looked after. I liked playing with my brothers best and we destroyed a miniature rose garden together. But one by one the other kittens went away until there was just me and my Mum (who was black and white too). So I got all the attention and this started a way of life which I'm happy to say has lasted: adoration of moi by humans.

But to get back to the farm (revenons a nos moutons, or in this case vaches)...

One day two people came to see me. I didn't take much notice, and ran upside down along the sofa cushions as usual. They found this wonderful. Then I noticed Mum lying down, so I wandered over and suckled: they found this wonderful, too. In fact no matter what I did they thought I was great, but I was used to that. The next day they came back with a basket and a five-pound note and that was the last I saw of the farm. Next time I'll show you the first photos of me in my new home. By the way, the children at the farm called me Brownie, and My People still tease me when I go a bit tabby-stripy-brown in the summer sun. I know they wanted a black and white cat. They were not short-changed, I'm just versatile.

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