Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Evil Sophie

This is Sophie. You can see what a vile little beast she is. She’s always pushing her stupid tabby nose into everything in my garden and rubbing her horrible stripy face over the plant pots. I've even seen her back up to a shrub and vibrate her tail like she's a tom - hah! there's someone who's so stupid she doesn't even know what gender she is!

Whenever I hear her bell tinkling I am instantly on the alert and I track her down. What a waster! I wouldn’t let MY owners put a bell on my collar. Her owners must really hate her. And not without cause.

I don’t know what Mum sees in Sophie: if Mum thinks I’m not around, she makes a fuss of the little horror. I will only say that it would be as well for all concerned if they remembered that she’s NOT Mum’s little Sophie-Wofie, I am Mum's little Daisy-Maisy, and that’s the end of it. Actually, I think even Mum suspects Sophie of biting me on the head and causing last week's troubles...

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