Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Honey (written by Daisy's Mum)

Today is the tenth anniversary of the last day I shared with my beloved cat Honey.

I'd always wanted a cat of my own, and when my husband (-to-be) and I bought our first home together, I could realise my dream. We answered an advert in a pet shop window and went straight round to see a litter of five kittens. From the description in the ad, my man wanted the fluffy tortie one, but I fell in love with the ginger and white female who was racing around, and we took her home (for free! - those were the days!).

That was in 1981, and she was six weeks old. I thought I didn't have any kitten photos of her, but a couple of months ago I found a set of black and white neg's, and there she was: just one shot of little Hon.

She was a most beautiful cat, with blue eyes that matured to peppermint green, pink nose and paws, and fur that could look pale gold or deep rusty orange depending on the weather. I loved the way she seemed to be wearing long, immaculately-white gloves.
When she was 18 months old, she had a litter of 3 female kittens, who were given to friends. She was a great mother as regards feeding and cleaning - she would rugby-tackle a kitten to the ground and vigorously lick it - but she always wanted to be top in everything, and one day she and one of her kittens were running upstairs to greet me. Realising that the kitten would get to me first, Honey moved across the stairs and ran over the kitten with a well-placed paw in the middle of the back, thus ensuring her victory. That was Hon all over. She had an ego as big as a house. I think it's just a thing with ginger cats: I'm certain that personality traits go with certain cat colourings.

.... to be continued

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