Thursday, May 11, 2006

I'm feeling much better now, thank you

Wow! I must be some kind of cat precog! No sooner do I write about the vet's than there I am - THREE TIMES IN TWO DAYS! I'd just popped home for a snooze on the sofa on a wet Monday morning when I was plucked from the cushions and stuffed into that cat basket I told you about. I had a few things to say about that, as you can imagine, but my protests were ignored and I found myself in the waiting room surrounded by dogs! That didn't make me feel any better and it was a relief to get into the hellhole with the black table where I underwent the usual indignities. So far, so familiar. Mum and I made it home and she gave me some choice bits of ham to apologise, which I accepted gracefully (I'm not one to bear a grudge, at least not where ham's concerned. She knows she did wrong, and she apologised: let's just forget it). Then, as she wouldn't let me out, I set off in search of somewhere nice to rest until lunchtime.

I slept for a bit in a box on the shelves in Mum's workroom, but when I woke up I felt terrible. I don't know why. Mum kept checking on me but I couldn't say anything and in the end I didn't even want to look at her. So she and Dad whipped me back down to the vet's where I was poured out onto the table and just lay there in a blob. I'd lost my sproinggggg, and what is a cat without that?

The vet did the usual (including that blinking thermometer again) and injected me with anti-inflammatories, then sent me home. Dad arranged me in a cat-shape on the sofa and I slept on. Eventually I came round and after Mum had moistened my lips with a little water I felt strong enough to polish off some Sheba and a side order of Felix sprinkles. Having forced those between my trembling lips I felt all woozy again and slept through the night on the sofa. As a final indignity I was forced to use a litter tray (there are woods near my house, and I'm with the bears on this one). But all in all my humans can't be faulted on their home nursing.

Then - who'd believe it? - Mum took me back to the vet's AGAIN. What is it with vets and that flaming thermometer?? They can't leave it alone. Anyway, he pronounced me back to normal, and I am. So here's a picture of me relaxing in my garden after a rather traumatic start to the week.

P.S. by Daisy's Mum: I initially took her in for her annual innoculations. The problem seems to have been an adverse reaction, possibly caused by combining the jabs with an infection incurred in a cat fight a few days prior to this (she had a couple of toothmarks on her head, but no abcess or other reaction to the actual bite).

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