Monday, May 15, 2006

This is weird, I'm going back to bed

Mum just published that posting for me, and the font is right. I've edited my posting from last week, and it doesn't show you the fantastic picture of ME any more, just a load of code I don't understand (cats don't need code, they're very DIRECT and very good at making things happen they way they want them to).

Hey Blogger, let's get some SERVICE around here!

(That's the sort of thing I say to my humans and it usually works, i.e. my supper appears.)

Well, my friends and admirers, you will not be able to see the evil Sophie for the moment. Hah! I'd be happy if I never saw her again. Ooh - Mum just reached for the mouse to spellcheck this AND YOU CAN'T DO THAT EITHER. Or justify the text (whatever THAT means). Aaaaargh! Why do humans make such a mess of things?

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