Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I'm Back!

Hello, fans! Yes, Mum has finally re-registered me with Blogger so we're off again, bringing you news of ME.

What am I up to? Well, the usual: snoozing in the long grass at the top of the gaden, seeing off Sophie, running from Squeaky Ninja, etc, etc. All in all, life's not too bad, though it never does to let your humans think there's nothing they can do to improve things.

For instance, mealtimes were OK, but then they started bringing home a new make of food (which Mr Blogger says I can't name) and woweee! - life went up a notch. That's how it should be: squeeze everything you can out of life, because you're worth it. And if something doesn't match up to your expectations, complain until your humans fix it for you. That's what they're there for, after all.

Here's another good example, for all you cats out there who need Daisy's Tips On Getting a Comfy Life. First, I worked on my humans till they let me sleep on the bed in the daytime (they weren't using it, so it was just going to waste while I was forced to sleep on a sofa downstairs - anyone got the number of the RSPCA?). This was in the winter, of course - I'm an outdoor gal once the weather's good enough. So my feet may have been a little muddy, and naturally the duvet cover got a bit crunchy in My Corner. So Mum made me - wait for it - My Own Duvet! You can see it in this picture. Smart, isn't it? And with a duvet-on-top-of-a-duvet, we're talking double the softness, double the warmth and therefore double the happiness of moi, which is the most important thing.

Oh dear, Mum wants to butt in here.

To make a Daisy-duvet: take 1 old pillowcase and a piece of wadding (batting) twice the size. Fold wadding in half and put it inside pillowcase. Tack all layers together. Stitch across pillowcase opening. Do 'big stitch' handquilting, or machine quilting, and remove tacking.

Hmmm. I don't care how she did it, just as long as it's there on My Corner of the bed when I want it. I suggest you give those instructions to your human.


Something a bit bleurgh happened a while ago. My humans left me in what they laughingly referred to as 'pussy prison'. I don't know what it's for. I didn't do anything wrong but I still got banged up, as I believe the expression is. So there I am in a cage, with stupid cats all around me, staring at me. Nobody seemed to know who I was, but then a human started feeding me and being nice, and we got along very well. By the time My Humans arrived to take me home, I'd grown quite fond of the new one and I let her pick me up and cuddle me in front of my own pair. This produced a look of what I would term chagrin on Mum's face, as I always complain if she tries to pick me up, on principle, even if I secretly WANT to be picked up - and Mum had told them at the prison that I wouldn't let anyone else touch me. Hah! Let that be a lesson to you, traitorous humans! You abandon me, and I will abandon YOU!

Of course, once we were home I let matters return to normal. I'd told them how I felt, and they understood.

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