Friday, June 15, 2007

More Tips for Kittens (and stupid cats)

For those of you who don't know your way around, here is my tip of the week.

There are times when you need to express your disapproval of a human's behaviour. Here's a good way to do it if, say, your human has been petting another cat (naming no names - SOPHIE!!!), and then looks up and guiltily realises you're there and you've seen it all. The human will generally walk over and try petting you instead, as if that helps. Now, this is the time to make your move: as your human bends down to stroke your head, wait until their hand is about one inch away and then snap your head away as you walk off. They won't be expecting this, and you will catch them completely off-guard and off-balance. In fact, if you time it right they may even fall over, which is terribly funny, although I do worry that they might injure themselves and be unable to feed me. You must assess for yourself whether it's worth the risk.

What this impresses upon the human is that they did wrong and you are displeased. They already feel guilty and now they feel terrible about the whole thing and may chase after you with treats. Forgive them. Accept the treats and forget the whole episode - though not the technique.

Even a small cat can have a big effect. What I lack in height or length, I more than make up for in --- no, Mum, not bulk --- in the strength of my emotions and my ability to communicate them. Ponder this, dear kittens, ponder and learn.

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