Friday, September 14, 2007

Well done, that kitten!

Today we have a short video lesson: off we go! (You'll need the sound on.)

Now, do you see how that kitten embodied two vital attributes of a cat? Namely, persistence and an appreciation of good food. Mum says the sound it was making reminded her of ME when I was that size, and of a conversation she had with the vet when I went in for a check-up (I remember it well):

Mum: It's been so long since we had a kitten in the house. Is she underweight or overweight?
Vet: [feeling around my tummy] Well, she's certainly not underweight.
Mum: I know, but... she has three saucers of food a day, but she squeals and squeals every time I go near the kitchen.
Vet: Oh, I think you can ignore that. She's just having you on.
Mum: I know, but I feel so heartless !

Isn't that sweet? You see how I'd already worked on Mum, so she was not only feeding me well, she was feeling guilty about not feeding me more.

Kittens, you are fortunate to be able to learn from the master (or in my case, mistress).

PS, darlings, sorry about the font - they've all disappeared again.

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