Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Big Disappointment (As Usual)

Hah! Isn't that just typical? I might have known!

Regarding that "senior" cat food, several things occurred to me as I lay under the tall irises for a couple of hours today:-

1. Mum was watching 'Jeeves & Wooster' and I distinctly heard Jeeves say that 'mature' is used as a euphemism for 'elderly', and that set me thinking... mature... senior... senior citizen... elderly - well, really!

2. The last couple of times I was at the vet's, some odd things happened. First, vet #1 said, as he stroked my belly, "She's well covered, isn't she?". Both Mum and I glowed with pride at what we took to be a compliment on my lovely fur and the excellent condition we keep it in. Then I saw a look of embarrassment cross Mum's face as it sank in, and suddenly I, too, understood. He thought I was fat! Oh, really! I don't need to come here to be insulted, I can get that at home.

I wasn't too worried, as I can usually get my own way; and sure enough, after a couple of light meals it was back to life as usual chez moi.

Then I had to go back and vet #2 was more forceful, even weighing me and suggesting diet food. I blanched under my fur, but nobody noticed. Luckily Mum turned it down and as it's been hot I haven't been too bothered about eating a lot, so everyone's been happy.

3. Then this morning Mum refused me elevenses, saying, "Look, there's still some of your breakfast in the bowl". 'Well, you should've cleaned it out then, shouldn't you?', I thought, but I didn't say anything. I know when I've lost.

So thanks to all of you who wrote to congratulate me on my promotion, but you've wasted your time. A hard lesson for us all, eh, kitties?

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