Thursday, October 23, 2008

Is It Me? You Ask

Among my many friends and wellwishers, some have been asking me whether I've been working on the Purina ad account: they detect my style in phrases such as, "Hah! Humans don't understand...". Now, this is just silly, for several reasons:-

1. I am a cat, and 'cats do not do the 'W' word'. It is beneath our dignity, and would compromise our independence. The only acceptable work for a cat is mousing, because it fits in with our natural inclinations - it's what we would be doing anyway. There is, of course, a difference between work mousing, which is where you clear your human's property of mice and other rodents, and leisure mousing, which is where you go out and catch mice and other rodents and bring them back to your human's property. You may have to explain this to your human.

2. I have never heard of Purina Gourmet Solitaire.

3. If I designed an advertisment for cat food, it would feature a stunning yet humble and lovable DSH in a fetching black-and-white combo, not something which resembles a large feather duster from which the stick has been removed.

4. Although "Hah! Humans don't understand..." may sound like the sort of thing I say, that doesn't mean I wrote it. One writer can quite unconsciously copy another's style, as any fule no.

So there you have it. Not my work. And as for having a Personal Shopper to buy your food for you: what nonsense! I don't have a Personal Shopper, I have staff.

Please note that views expressed by Daisy are not necessarily those of her staff.

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