Saturday, October 18, 2008


Greetings, my friends! You've missed me, I know, but I have been away on my holidays. Yes, I spent a happy two weeks in Pussy Prison, or to give it its real title, The Cattery. I suppose my humans think I like it there, and wanted to give me a break from my routine, staying with my old friend Mrs X.

As hotels go, it wasn't bad: I know my way around now, and Mrs X is really very nice - and when I opened my suitcase I found that Mum had thoughtfully packed a rattly ball, Mr Mouse and a pair of catnip socks, so I was able to relax and unwind with a few games and a bit of the old suck'n'sniff. After a while, Mum and Dad sent me a postcard to tell me they missed me. I ignored it. If they missed me THAT much they'd come and see me, am I right? Words are cheap.

Well, blow me, they did turn up, and soon I was back at home, in fact I was straight through the house and out into the woods, where I stayed for the next day (pausing only for a snack, of course). After that, it was business as usual for yours truly.

But I was thinking of you while I was away, and soon I shall share some more of my wisdom with you.

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