Monday, October 26, 2009

Bumfluff Triumphs Again!

You remember the saga of the Purina cat and its fine range of yumminess in tiny holographic pots? Well, this morning I was pausing on the patio waiting for breakfast to appear, expecting just the usual Whiskas (and no less welcome for that) - when what should arrive but ol' Bumfluff's 'Tuna Flakes with Shrimp in Jelly'! My goodness!

I yummed it down, all of it, although being a 'senior' cat these days my appetite is smaller and I had to stand on tiptoes to finish it, if you know what I mean. I wasn't leaving any of it in the bowl, oh no!

I should've had Gourmet Solitaire regularly, of course, if my humans cared about me at all. The last time I had it was probably Christmas, when Mum got a bit tipsy and referred to it as 'Sorbet Golly-tear', embarrassing everyone within earshot but most of all herself. As usual.

Anyway, months ago I found another of Bumfluff's adverts offering free food to deserving cats, and I stuck it under Mum's nose, but nothing happened. She had some cock-and-bull story about the Post Office burning down
it's true!
and her other Post Office being closed forever - after it, too, burnt down.
also true!
I mean, if she can't be bothered to do this one little thing to make me happy - well, we all know where we stand, don't we, and all I can say is I'm glad I found out in time before I made a major commitment to this family, LIKE GIVING THEM THE BEST 13 YEARS OF MY LIFE.

No, I'm afraid there was a little coolness between us after that - until this morning, when the scrumptiousness appeared. And I happen to know there are 2 more tins in the cupboard, so I will say no more.

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